Tour Archive
11/25/2020 Unity of Hawaii Midweek Faith-Lift   
11/24/2020 Supreme Master TV - Interview Pt 2   
11/18/2020 Unity of Hawaii Midweek Faith-Lift   
11/17/2020 Supreme Master TV - Interview Pt 1   
11/15/2020 Music & Message @ Unity of the Valley   
11/15/2020 Unity of Fort Collins   
11/14/2020 emPower Music & Arts Virtual Posi Awards   
11/11/2020 Unity of Hawaii Midweek Faith-Lift   
11/8/2020 Amazing Grace Center for Spiritual Living   
11/8/2020 Agape Bay Area   
11/4/2020 Unity of Hawaii Midweek Faith-Lift   
11/2/2020 11/2 Love Wins Zoom Party   
11/1/2020 11/1 Love Wins Zoom Party   
10/28/2020 Unity of Hawaii Midweek Faith-Lift   
10/26/2020 Monday HI Vibez Livestream   
10/18/2020 Unity of Seattle   
10/18/2020 Unity of Maui   
10/12/2020 Monday HI Vibez Livestream   
9/28/2020 Monday HI Vibez Livestream   
9/21/2020 Unity Northwest Regional Conference   
9/21/2020 Peace Song Awards   
9/18/2020 FREE 14-day Conscious Leaders Summit   
9/13/2020 Unity of Overland Park   
9/6/2020 Concordia Center for Spiritual Living   
9/5/2020 Susan Pereira's Virtual Luau    
8/30/2020 Unity of Overland Park   
8/30/2020 Spiritual Life Center    
8/28/2020 One Breath, One World - Healing Forgiveness Service   
8/28/2020 Grandmothers for our Future    
8/24/2020 Monday HI Vibez Livestream   
8/23/2020 Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield   
8/23/2020 New Thought Center for Spiritual Living   
8/16/2020 Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living   
8/10/2020 Monday HI Vibez Livestream   
8/9/2020 Simi Valley Center for Spiritual Living   
8/7/2020 INSPIRE - Southeast YOU Benefit Concert   
8/3/2020 Monday HI Vibez w/ Merriliz   
7/27/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
7/26/2020 Agape Bay Area   
7/19/2020 Unity Church of Clearwater   
7/19/2020 Concordia Center for Spiritual Living   
7/13/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
7/12/2020 Unity of Las Vegas   
7/12/2020 Agape Bay Area   
7/5/2020 ALOHAFEST ~ Luau of Love   
7/3/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Time & Giveaways w/ Jacquie Fernandez   
7/1/2020 ALOHAFEST Kanaka Makua Card Reading w/ Aunty Arma   
6/29/2020 Mon. Hi-Vibez + Talk Story Time w/ Skip Jennings   
6/28/2020 Unity of Bellevue   
6/24/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Aunty Arma Oana   
6/23/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Pomaika'i Libre   
6/22/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
6/19/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Harold Payne   
6/19/2020 Unity of Las Vegas - Zoomapalooza   
6/18/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Karyne Daniels   
6/17/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Kailua Moon   
6/16/2020 ALOHAFEST Talk Story Session w/ Susan Pereira   
6/13/2020 SisterSpirit Day Retreat   
6/8/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
6/4/2020 CSL Greater Boston "Love Connection"   
5/31/2020 Unity in Marin   
5/31/2020 Ocala Center for Spiritual Living   
5/25/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
5/24/2020 Unity of Metairie   
5/24/2020 emPower Music & Arts Pajama Jam Concert   
5/20/2020 Mid-week Faith-Lift w/ Robin Reiter   
5/17/2020 Enlightened Heart Spiritual Center   
5/13/2020 Wed Evening w/ Doug Lebow HDSCL   
5/11/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
5/9/2020 The Rise Experience: "Get Lit!" 2-day CD Listening Party   
5/8/2020 The Rise Experience: "Get Lit!" 2-day CD Listening Party    
5/3/2020 Heartspace Teachings   
5/1/2020 Uplift Marathon Concert (New Thought & Posi-Music Artists/Speakers)   
4/27/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
4/23/2020 Thriving thru Uncertain Times ~ Opening Up to the $ Flow   
4/19/2020 Unity Kansas City North   
4/19/2020 Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa, CA  
2075 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa CA map
4/19/2020 Interview on Healing Hawai'i with Karen Kaulana   
4/14/2020 Interview on Voices of Unity w/ Jacquie Fernandez   
4/13/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
4/13/2020 Unity of Venice Board Retreat   
4/12/2020 Easter w/ Unity on the North Shore   
4/12/2020 Easter w/ Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living   
4/12/2020 Easter w/ Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose   
4/5/2020 Evening Prayer w/ Robert Brzenzski   
4/5/2020 Interview on Healing Hawai'i w/ Karen Kaulana    
4/3/2020 Express Yourself - Sing it, Draw it, Dance it Online Event  
3/31/2020 Interview for Yucaipa Dance    
3/29/2020 Interview on Healing Hawai'i w/ Karen Kaulana   
3/28/2020 Re-Ignite Summit   
3/27/2020 Unity Bay Area Houston Board Retreat   
3/23/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
3/21/2020 Re-ignite Summit    
3/18/2020 Guided Meditation & Music Unity Village LIVESTREAM, MO  
Unity Village Chapel , Unity Village LIVESTREAM MO map
3/14/2020 SingDanceShine Playshop Part2 honolulu, HI  
Still & Moving Center 1024 Queen Street, honolulu HI map
3/14/2020 Still & Moving Center Bday Celebration honolulu, HI  
1024 Queen Street, honolulu HI map
3/9/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
2/29/2020 SingDanceShine Playshop Honolulu, HI  
Still & Moving Center 1024 Queen Street, Honolulu HI map
2/24/2020 Monday HI-Vibez livestream   
2/11/2020 June Dillinger Book Launch Party Honolulu, HI  
tiki's bar & grill 2570 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu HI map