1.  Rise 

2.  Free, Happy & Light

3.  E Komo Mai

4.  Your Own Skin

5.  Come Alive (100%)

6.  Circle

7.  Lighthouse (feat. Vas Angelov)

8.  Ready or Not (feat. Somer Bingham)

9.  Rise Up

10.  Home for Each Other (feat. The Fresh Preps)

11.  Fired Up

12.  Queen (Ooh La La)


HEAR SONGS from #1 - #6                              HEAR SONGS from #7 - #12 


                        WATCH Day 1                                                  WATCH Day 2

Rise Album Credits


Photography by Kristie Reeves & Jai Isvara

Graphic Design & Artwork by Rebecca Kofron

Make-up & Hari by Michaela Kurtzer

Shout out to my beloved RISE TRIBE that made this album possible - Tina Allen Salvatore, Glenda Walden, Mindy Tucker, Nicky Golden, Darlene Dunning, Kyra Baehr, Rhonda Kersey, Cerise Patron, Cynthia Hensley, Betina Moreno, Deborah Pummell, Russ Hammock, Leddy Hammock, Chelley Seibert, Deanna Muai, Jennifer Ferren, Winalee Zeeb, Kealoha Sugiyama, Melissa Kay Allen, Barbara Benton, Anne Young, Charla Gae, Christopher Buchheit, Deana Laughlin, Patricia Bahia, Mary Grimes, Harold Payne, CK Brown, Robert Brzezinski, Heather Dubois, Susan Smith, Maryn Eisenhart, Siena & Toast Tajiri-Lee, Richard Mekdeci, Nancy Thomas, Jan Garrett & JD Martin, Armand & Angelina, Butch Adams, Susan Oettig, Winifred Monshein, Janelle Maguire, Joni Reagan, Nafeesa Monroe, Lisa Ensley, Anne Valero, Carolyn Hee, Yvonne Trudell, Robert Lopez, Supreme Master Ching Hai




Dear fellow spiritually human beings or humanly spiritual beings ;) 

It's time to reclaim, rewrite!  It's a SHE-volution, changing up Herstory!  Time to shine,  celebrate, elevate and evolve!  And I guess that's what we're doing all together during this strange time.

You've been my fans, friends, sweet loved ones that have supported me in having a career with inspirational music...so I'm happy, excited, a lil' nervous to say IT IS HERE, after 7 long years, a new baby album called RISE

You have been with me on this eclectic ride from my version of The Prayer to organic hippy-vibed Peace Jam, to east-meets-west chanting about Allah & Buddah to a Hawaiian album  You've always been with me and I hope that this new uncharted territory for me will still connect with your heart.

It was born from the depths of my heart.  Feelings that were/are real from anger to longing, from hopelessness to finding my voice again, and even discovering new ones.  These songs are things I've needed to say in the voice that I needed to same them (from sassiness to just knowing). All of it is real, all of it is me and all of it has led me to where I am now and who I am now.

Honest truth is I'm afraid of what you'll think.  I'm scared the music will not reach you in the way my past music has but I do know that it's something I've been led to create.  And if yours are not the ears & heart it's meant to move - it's ok.  I just want you to know that we are forever connected through the music and I thank you for letting me explore it all and share it all with you.  For that I'm truly grateful.

Above all, if this is not the album for you, I still ask that you find your soundtrack for all that wants to rise through you now!  There's no greater moment than this one to show up in your full colors, your full brilliance, all your light & love.  And that really is my greatest wish with this music and really for everything in general.

We were born for this moment - to RISE, rise again. to fearlessly (or even with the fear) keep moving forward in love and in unity.

So forward-ho, here we go!!!

Love you,



So much love & appreciation for all my collaborators on RISE

💖 Eric Dubois 

💖 Charles Brotman 

💖 Somer Bingham

💖 Ted Jacobs  

💖 Levi Downey 

💖 Imua Garza

💖 Sebastian Hughes 

💖 Ely Macadangdang 

💖 Jeremy Bircher 

💖 The Brewz 

💖 Dree Paterson 

💖 Tony Serzo

💖 Nitanee Paris

 💖 Vas Angelov 

💖 Joshua Stephens

💖 Daniel Lyons 

💖 Zoe Zelkind

💖 Brian Webb