Here & Now

There's no better time then right now to say "yes" to living the life of your dreams and committing to wealth & riches that you truly deserve.  Listen

I'm Making Money

A daily affirmation song to welcome in a rich life from the inside out.


Today is the best day to lose the judgement & start loving your beautiful self! 
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Let It Out

You've got more brilliance, more power, more unique awesomeness to unleash!  So let's get to it!
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Kumbaya (Law of Attraction Song)

Inspired by a quote from Neale Donald Walsch about life being a big xerox copy machine, whatever we put into it we get back.  Why not attract the life of our dreams from gratitude and big dreaming? Listen ~ Watch Video 


It takes passion, courage, and persistence to go for your dreams!  Here's to all the visionaries dreaming up a better world. Listen ~ Watch Video

Don't Let the Music Die

It's never too late to follow your heart and sing your song!  The world will be better for it.
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Sometimes we lose faith in our very selves - this song is for those times.
I know there's more to my life than I let myself believe, all the great things I could be if I believed.

BELIEVE BY FAITH RIVERA from Lynda Graham on Vimeo.

Write Your Own Affirmation

Use a short chant like this one "I Am Healthy & Whole" to affirm whatever you choose in your life.
Just change the lyrics & use your own words to say and sing what you need most to hear.
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