Here & Now

There's no better time then right now to say "yes" to living the life of your dreams and committing to wealth & riches that you truly deserve.  Listen

Best Day Yet

A great song to get you in the zone and ready to have your best day yet!  For all you Abraham Hicks fans, this is my first "vortex" song!

I'm Making Money

A daily affirmation song to welcome in a rich life from the inside out.


What if one day you woke up, took a look at yourself in the mirror, and said "Gorgeous!" and meant it?! Today might be that day!  Love yo'self already! :)  Listen - Watch Video

Let It Out

You've got more brilliance, more power, more unique awesomeness to unleash!  So let's get to it!
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Kumbaya (Law of Attraction Song)

Inspired by a quote from Neale Donald Walsch about life being a big xerox copy machine, whatever we put into it we get back.  Why not attract the life of our dreams from gratitude and big dreaming? Listen ~ Watch Video 


It takes passion, courage, and persistence to go for your dreams!  Here's to all the visionaries dreaming up a better world. Listen ~ Watch Video

Don't Let the Music Die

It's never too late to follow your heart and sing your song!  The world will be better for it.
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Sometimes we lose faith in our very selves - this song is for those times.
I know there's more to my life than I let myself believe, all the great things I could be if I believed.

BELIEVE BY FAITH RIVERA from Lynda Graham on Vimeo.

Write Your Own Affirmation

Use a short chant like this one "I Am Healthy & Whole" to affirm whatever you choose in your life.
Just change the lyrics & use your own words to say and sing what you need most to hear.
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