Living a spirit-led life is a delicious life!  This not-so-quiet version of Amazing Grace celebrates finding that "home" in God/spirit/love and that juicy moment of release & realization...thus the thumpy, happy beat after an ethereal intro.  

HOLY NOW - Listen - Watch Video

A simple, profound song by Peter Mayer that says it all in four little words "Everything is Holy Now."  Seeing life in this way is the quickest way to freedom & unconditional love. 



Surrender your way to a fuller, deeper life experience.  Great to use every morning to set the tone for a grace-filled day of ease, love & release. 

GOD IS... - Listen ~ Watch Video

In every corner of your life, there is no where that God-love-spirit-infinite possibility is not.Where I am God is...where I work Love is my career...where I dance Joy lifts my feet...where I play God is playing boldly...

CALLED TO BE - Listen ~ Watch Video

At every moment, we are being called to our next fullest expression, called to the next exhilirating adventure, to the next moment of expansion & love.  What is it that you are being called to?


Written & performed by Faith Rivera & multi-platinum songwriter, Harold Payne, Stand Together is an inspiring uniting anthem created for the Association for Global New Thought.  "Something great IS happening" and this momentum of love and folks coming together canNOT be stopped!  Join this movement & let's create a better, happier world together.

COLORS OF PRAISE - Listen ~ Watch Video

A song to celebrate the diversity & uniqueness of all the beautiful people in our world that make it the colorful place that it is.  We are here, not to be the same, but to unite in our celebration of what makes everyone their own kind of cool!