Did you know a little 3min song can make the biggest difference?!  As an Emmy award-winning composer, Faith's music has been featured on hit TV shows like Hawaii 5-0 & ER to supporting best-selling authors, used at large conferences to intimate workshops, book/product releases, yoga videos & more!

Listen to custom-made songs by Faith 

Let Faith create a CUSTOM SONG made for YOU, your special moment or your business! Create a personal power song filled with affirmations to support your life's vision or a special song to capture the mission of your business, organization or event.

Contact us with your ideas/requests to include Faith's music in your upcoming event or project.

Songs used by and/or custom-made for:

-Association for Global New Thought
-Make A Difference Movie
-I Am Power
-Liquid Grooves, Exercise DVD
-Leadership Success Summit
-What is New Thought? (Film)
-Yog of Devotion
-Association of Unity Churchs
-PSI Women's Leadership Seminars
-Fearless Women (Book)
-Humanity's Team
-Things We Don't Talk About (Film)
-Humanity Unites Brilliance
-Life Momemnts for Women (Book)
-World Congress of Illumination & more


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