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Guest Music Artist
Friday, March 18 2022 at 6:00 PM

Venue Info:
3/18-20 Tosa Blue Mountain (Gathering Tribes of One Voice)

Note: YOUR VOICE MATTERS! One Voice Equinox Live Stream Unified Voices Gathering of the Tribes Livestream This IS THE moment! Humanity is at the crossroads of choice and Your Choice matters! Our BELOVED Gaia, in harmony with the universe, is calling for humanity to choose LOVE! Your heart is ready to unify with voices around the world for the March Equinox 2022 moment! The answer to the call for All Voices to come together as ONE. Receive the Expansive blessing as an active witness of Unified Sacred ceremonies led by Tribal elders for around the world. The unified intention of LOVE is calling us ALL together to receive and share the inspired wisdom on behalf of ALL humanity. The energy of BALANCE and RESTORATION is the essence of the March Equinox. This three day experience offers the JOY and the BLESSING of ceremonialists, artists, performances, and dynamic conversations celebrating the awakening that is OURS TO BIRTH TOGETHER. Claim your seat at the table! Contribute your heart, your love and your presence as a participant in the Livestream We begin on March 18 with the Full Moon and culminate on the 20th with the unified message of Oneness as called forward through us ALL during this three day experience. This unique and important event is coming to YOU...LIVE-streamed from the Center of our BE-Loved Planet, and current home of planetary Kundalini, the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Elders representing the Cañari, the Mayan, Indian Hindu, Balinese, and other lineages from around the planet are ALL unifying in spirit and love. Artists, performers, and LIVE music from around the world with engaging dialogues ignites the gift of PEACE, LOVE and JOY for ALL. This wondrous festival is a homecoming for humanity's heart! Join the Livestream – Learn more and register https://unifyingvoices.world/ This 100% Donation Based event supports and benefits the Clinica Linda Foundation and Unify.org. Your contribution is LITERALLY saving and changing lives!