Event Details

Faith Rivera, Jacquie Fernandez, Harold Payne, Renee Tillotson, Deva Vani
Monday, November 2 2020 at 1:00 PM

Venue Info:
11/2 Love Wins Zoom Party

Note: Watch the replays - let your love and creative expression flow!!! Nov 1st LOVE WINS zoom party www.facebook.com/165549910135694/posts/3693439814013335/?sfnsn=mo Nov 2nd LOVE WINS zoom party https://fb.watch/1AtAkI1v4W/ We sang, we stretched, we swayed our hips, doodled our intentions, did NIA, chanted sacred mantras, set our intentions and had a blast amplifying that love! Our work & fun isn't done...keep going my RISE TRIBE!!!! Be sure to stay connected with our LOVE WINS team and all the ways they can bring more light love into your life and daily practices: JACQUIE FERNANDEZ www.JacquieFernandez.com KARYNE DANIELS www.SacredDancePath.org DEVA VANI www.facebook.com/DevavaniVoiceJourneys JENIFFER HUTCHINS www.UnityArtsMinistry.org SKIP JENNINGS www.SkipJennings.com HAROLD PAYNE www.HaroldPayne.com RENEE TILLOTSON www.stillandmovingcenter.com/tag/renee-tillotson FAITH RIVERA www.FaithRivera.com