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Friday, September 18 2020

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FREE 14-day Conscious Leaders Summit

Note: Do you feel a sense of mission as a teacher, healer or spiritual activist, yet lack the confidence or the know-how to fulfill your purpose? Perhaps you are ready to take it to the next level and find connection with other adventurers of spirit on the same path? If so, then I have an important invitation for you! Myself along with other inspiring thought leaders from around the globe will be joining Christian de la Huerta for the “Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness: For Spiritual Teachers, Healers and Activists Ready to Step Up and Unleash Their Inner Hero Summit”. Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness is a free virtual oasis that begins September 18-30, featuring new presenter interviews each day, speaking into topics such as presencing, co-creating a new feature, global consciousness, local consciousness and what exactly is a Soulful Hero and why are they so important right now. Check out the details here! We also encourage you to participate in the FB group: “Unleashing your inner hero: Developing leaders through spiritual awakening, conscious living and deep relationships. It's your time to shine! “ This is where you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with others, expanding your network while sharing your experiences, trials and triumphs with other like-minded spiritual activists and adventurers! Register Here Join me and healers from all over the world, of all ages and traditions as we envision the emerging future from the embers of our recent global experience. Can't wait! WE're doing it together <3