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Saturday, May 9 2020 at 1:00 PM

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The Rise Experience: "Get Lit!" 2-day CD Listening Party

Note: I know you feel IT – it’s time to reclaim & rewrite! It's a SHE-volution changing up Herstory, changing up YOURstory! Time to shine, elevate & celebrate even during this strange time, no - especially in this strange time! If you’re nodding your head YES, then you my sweet friend are invited to: *** RISE ~ The Experience *** Get Lit! 2-Day Listening Party debuting new music from my 11th album release https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcscO6grj4pGdYv7oUhmkOuw7UxeHUvUsSa You know me - more is more, so there will be special guests, my sweet co-writers/producers, dancing, giveaways, etc. and most important, YOU! It's gonna feel like this 🌟🥰🌈💃🔥🥳🦄🍨🍹🎧🌠🚀🎉💝💜🎶😍🦋 Hosted by my rockin sistah Jacquie Fernández, this event will be a FUN filled experience going deep and high as we move from MESS to MAGIC in the songs, their messages and the stories that inspired them. Below’s what we’ve got cooking & still adding more to the more 😉 Check it out and REGISTER NOW: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcscO6grj4pGdYv7oUhmkOuw7UxeHUvUsSa ------------------ FRI MAY 8TH ------------------- ✨Highlighting songs #1-#6 from RISE ✨Special Performance by Harold Payne (Multi-platinum songwriter and my & everyone’s BFF) ✨Special Performance by Nafeesa Monroe (My fav spoken word artist, actor & founder of Classics in Color ) ✨ Eric Dubois (EDM/hip-hop producer) ✨ Imua Garza (Grammy-nominated Producer) ✨Charles Brotman (Grammy-winning Producer / Director of Hawaii Songwriting Festival) ✨Levi Downey (Pop Poducer) ✨Giveaways ✨Dance-alongs ------------------ SAT MAY 9TH ------------------- ✨Highlighting songs #7-#12 from RISE ✨Ukulele time with The Picking Penguins ✨ Special Guest – Princess Izzy ✨ Eric Dubois (EDM/hip-hop Producer) ✨ Curtis Byrd - Positive Affirmation Drumming ✨Giveaways ✨ .....and MORE special guests being added Stay tuned for more yummy details…like the AFTER PARTYYYY on Zoom! (separate registration link coming) Get RISE https://tinyurl.com/faithrisealbum www.faithrivera.com/risealbum =================== METAPHYSICAL MOJO behind our GET LIT! CD Listening Party If you haven’t heard, the divine feminine has been on the rise (we’ll talk a lil’ bit about that at our on-purpose par-tay!). Rising in love from the inside out, seeking new-found freedom and blissed-out balance with our divine masculine parts. (Here’s a beautiful description of the divine feminine and the divine masculine: https://sacredlightalchemy.com/the-divine-feminine-and-divine-masculine/ ) Like our world now that is experiencing a dark & challenging time, both Jacquie Fernandez (our hostess with the mostest) & I each experienced our own “dark night of the soul.” It can break us down or simply break us open to a new evolved, inspired level of being. So this is what my album RISE and our gathering on May 8 and 9 is all about – it’s a celebration of that journey, milking the process from ashes to flight for all the magic that’s here! That’s why these songs feel different like nothing I’ve ever done. It’s like the caterpillar that cocoons and emerges unrecognizable. My intention is that we’re partying in advance for the unrecognizable, updated version of beauty & love that is being birthed through each of us now. And no worries if this is mumbo jumbo to your brain. As Michael Beckwith told me, it’s not about the words anyway – it’s all about the energy and this evolution is unavoidable! So basically…have FUN, BE IN THE FLOW, and get ready for BUTTERFLY WINGS ♥ I love you my ever-evolving cutie!!!