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2nd & 4th Monday HI Vibez
Monday, September 23 2019 at 8:30 AM

Venue Info:
HI Vibez Livestream

Note: Let's start our day with a blast of aloha & inspiration to fuel our best week yet! Streaming live from Hawaii - we'll connect & expand through music, share our intentions and yummy new ahas. If you want the same ol’ same ol, this is not for you – BUT if you want different, better, higher, then join the party to set the tone for a high-vibing week! It’s a space to be supported, to be “fo’ real” as the locals say all while keeping our focus on all that is golden in our lives. Plus you’ll get sneak peaks on new music & goodies in-the-making. Let’s spark some good vibez together & lift each other up, up, up…cheehoooo!