3 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

Yes a SONG can heal a heart, be your morning cheerleader, welcome a newborn to this life or say goodbye.  It can remind you that you are amazing when you forget and help you to do the hardest thing - forgive.  The perfect lyrics & music can share your organization's message to the world and it can even bring a community together.

I LOVE to create music, videos & more that can support & inspire as we rise from a low or celebrate that next high! I'm about going for our grandest dreams yet, enjoying the ride, and expressing our naturally brilliant selves along the way.

There's alot of happy stuff here to Love You Up so  take a listentake a look & remember to keep shining bright like the Everyday SuperStar that you are :) 




ps If you'd like to support me in making more inspiring music & events, I'd sure appreciate it as a 100% indy artist funding all of my own projects - mahalo in advance!


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Harold Payne and I are honored & excited to be a part of this year’s opening ceremony for the Season for Non-Violence (SNV).  Sunday, January 30th marks the kickoff to the 25th year of SNV, marking the 64 days between the memorial anniversaries of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.  New Thought Media Network partners with Association for Global New Thought, co-founders of SNV with Dr. Arun Gandhi, to launch SNV this powerful movement!

2022 Season for Non-Violence - Opening Ceremony

Jan 30th Sunday on www.facebook.com/newthoughtmedianetwork/

11:00am Hawaii Time / 12:00pm Alaska Time

1:00pm Pacific / 2:00pm Mountain

3:00pm Central / 4:00pm

Hosts:  Rev. Robert Brzezinski and Cynthia Hensley

Guests include Agape International Spiritual Center Leader, Author and Speaker, Michael Beckwith co-founder and President of the Association for Global New Thought, and co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence along with Arun Gandhi. Also appearing are Rev. Dr. Deborah Johnson, Shariff Abdulah, Rev. Dr. Roger Teel. 

Join us 1/30 and take a stand for PEACE, LOVE, & NON-VIOLENCE!



How exciting & inspiring to be a part of the this global project with women from all over the world chanting, affirming, knowing that no matter our past, our culture, our seeming limitations, there is magic, limitless potential that unites us!!!  Our GLOBAL MANTRA started out as a simple and powerful intention, and now has participants across 14 Time Zones from New Zealand to Hawaii with 20 Performers RECITING, SINGING and DANCING in 17 languages from 10 countries around the world...

Sign up to be a part of our world premier ❤

FEB 26 08:30 AM GMT  Register in advance for this meeting (Good for all time zones except The Americas)

FEB 27 4:30 PM GMT Register in advance for this meeting (Good for North, Central & South America)

Find your time zone here 


Is NCIS: Hawaii new tonight on CBS? Episode 6, episode 7 spoilers

So excited to share that "E Komo Mai" was featured on NCIS: Hawaii's 4th episode. I co-wrote this song about coming back home to Hawaii with awesome Charles Michael Brotman (award-winning songwriter, producer, empowering leader in the music industry here in the islands). Our song opens the episode- watch here or enjoy listening to the song from my album RISE on spotify.



Join us fo' real talk about walking the walk and celebrating this journey of rising & expansion together!  We'll be chatting about making this holiday season a truly meaningful and magical one that flows from our presence not just the presents!

Every THURSDAY @ 12pm PT / 2pm CT
w/ RevJacquie Fernandez, Rev. Skip Jennings & me (Faith Rivera)
🎧 Listen "live" at www.unityonlineradio.org
☎️ Call-in (816) 251-3555 to talk to us
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