Happy Vday & Happy Year of the Pig Lucky, Loveable One!


It's Faith, from rainy & rainbow-filled skies of Hawaii, sending some aloha your way! Yes 2019 is set to be a year of good luck & fortune! And as always,  our job is to open up, allow treasures to flow in by choosing happiness & chilling more often than stressing & fretting about stuff.  I share more below on my divinely different  kinda year :-)  What kind of year are you up to?!

For this month of LOVE, wouldn't it be an amazing gift to show your keikis (kids) just how adored and brilliant they are?!  Here's the song to do just that Twinkle, Twinkle SuperStar co-written w/ my sweet friend Jana Stanfield. 



Below are two sweet & talented youngsters, Zippy & Jodeci, who sing & enjoy this song all the time after we sang it together in my playshop at CSL Alaska last year  It's powerful & makes a lasting difference for them to hear just how awesome they are! Send the sweet kids in your life this empowering gift of self-esteem - include a heartfelt email message from you and attach the song plus karaoke track & lyrics, so they can sing it too! Its $5 www.paypal.me/faithrivera and I'll email you the mp3, karaoke track + lyrics.  If you just want the song (without karaoke track & lyrics lyrics), use the links above .  It's also on my crystal heart flashdrives if you'd rather mail them a beautiful gift they can hold & wear :) 



NEW SONG * NEW VIDEO * NEW ANTHEM - it's time 2 RISE baby!!!


--->Special RISE Bundle for your community
lead sheet, band chart, backing vocals chart, lyrics, full video, karaoke video & downloadable lyric poster


 O H A N A  V I D E O  F U N 

Hanging at Ala Moana Beach...wish you were here!  [CLICK HERE or pic to see video]

Family Ukulele Performance featuring Kai on Crusader by Roy Sakuma (i'm the mic stand LOL)  [CLICK HERE or pic to watch]



Yes I've been singing a "new" song  this year.  As beautiful as life is, I knew I want/need more, different, gentler, kinder, happier way of being especially to ME (and you to YOU)!  You can read here how sweet Rev. Deb from Unity of Kona taught me the greatest lesson from the heavens through her recent passing. So to change things up it meant doing & being different and wow, it has definitely cued up a new kinda year for me! I am writing daily, connecting  almost each day with new collaborators/friends, slowly but surely doing the Marie Kondo decluttering, facing the fear of recording myself at home, having weekly  cowrites/ recording sessions & more!

So if you're craving expansion  adventure, newness, have fun with doing different things outside of your normal todos.  Everything from taking 5-10min break in nature to taking that hot hula class or simply pausing your day to go savor a chocolate drizzled croissant or whatever feels like indulging your long neglected simple desires.  What's key is showing yourself you care enough about what YOU want, what makes YOU happy that you will commit time to do something just for YOU! Doing "different" helps to rewire our brains, break old circuits (aka habits or behaviors that no longer serve us) and opens the door for BEING different, being expanded, being more!

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Till next time....here's to continued expansion and real, soul-stirring exciting kinda fun!!!  

Lucky Aloha-filled Boar Hugs (yup it's mine & hubby's year)!


ps below are some new amazing producer friends here in Hawaii that I'm lucky enough to co-create with - meet Imua Garza (in pink), Eric Dubois (bottom left) and Charles Brotman (bottom right) who's been a mentor/coach/inspiration for me.  RISE was produced/co-written w/ Imua (he added a sweet bridge section) and more new music with Eric & Charles coming soon!