Thank You for Beautiful You!

I can only do what I do because of you.  I'm so grateful for our connection & that we get to share this adventure of together. 

Special love-filled shout-out to Unity of the Keys for supporting my music, my work & play in the world!

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Cant wait...till then, do your thing, shine your light & feel the love!




Monthly Caregivers Concert


10am (PST) Last Tuesdays of the Month

Start your morning with inspiring music & feel-good time just for you.  All you need is to do is click on the links below to join the livestream.  For Caregivers,Stay-at-home Moms & Dads, Seniors,Folks that are home recovering & need some musical TLC.

November & December links coming soon!

Past Concerts & Live Events

Inspired by a sweet fan who had been home-bound for years caring for a sick loved-one, I decided to host a monthly concert for all the amazing people who spend their time caring for others or are going through a challenging time themselves. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder to take some time for ourselves to center, to be grateful, and to feel loved & supported...this is your time! Join me each month on the last Tuesday at 10am & please tell all your friends & loved ones to tune in. 

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Let’s make a difference together ~ Sponsor a Song

As you already know, my passion is to create & share songs that empower listeners to know their beauty, brilliance and divinity!  If this speaks to you and you want to be a part of this musical mission to empower & inspire others by sponsoring a songemail me to get more details and to hear some songs-in-the making that I would love to be produced & recorded.  It’ll be an exciting process as you choose a song that you would love to help bring to the world, then offer ideas you might have on the production, and be in the loop at every turn as we move from demo to broadcast quality recording.  You’ll be the first to hear the finished song and you can choose to have your name or your company/organization listed as the “sponsor” of the song anywhere it may be featured or showcased as we share it worldwide.



Private Online VIP Concert (Skype/YouTube)

I’d love to host an intimate 1-1.5 hour concert / Q&A / interactive hang just for you and your friends.  We’ll set up the time & you can let me know what your ideas are, any requests, theme and all that good stuff to make this truly a special event for you! [Price: $500]

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Special requests-songs, theme







If my music has touched your life and you want to join me in creating more music and more ways to uplift & inspire others, I would love your support!  I dream pretty big so your financial support will go to recording my next best song to serve the world, music videos that I envision fans & friends singing & dancing in, a live band & show with dancers, lights & costumes, and so much more fun.  I'm open to your ideas, support & resources in making more hearts smile through the joy of music, singing & dancing!

Donate any amount your heart desires :)

Send me your fun ideas: aloha (at) faithrivera.com