The Good-Bye/ LOVE is our Light Saber

28 years ago, Nolan & I left our home of Hawaii for California.  First northern California at College of Notre Dame in Belmont then later in Long Beach where I would finish my music degree at Cal State Long Beach.  After decades in the mainland, in July my honey & I packed up our two lil' kids, sold everything (except for a few boxes), and are back home in Hawaii for our next grand adventure!  Saying good-bye was heart-melting and beautiful...


The biggest takeaway from all our years in the the mainland:  I learned what aloha is from the strangest, coolest tribe who believes LOVE is our light saber and the Force is within everyone, so yes we’re all Jedis at heart if we choose to turn to the Light Side.  I’m talking about all you beautiful new thought, Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, metaphysical, spiritual, lightworker, peace-minded folks around the world that I, Nolan & my kiddies have been lucky enough to connect with.  Yup you’re open arms of acceptance, love & support have been the biggest gift!


Saying goodbye is hard only because there’s so much loveliness & lovelies (aka all of you) to say good bye too.  So we had parties, many many parties to celebrate with you and in the end, I’d say I used denial or maybe a better way to put it, I changed my focus to make it through.  We celebrated the good times and I talked incessantly about everyone coming over to visit us (and YES, it’s already happening!). 




My only moment of real breakdown or “this is for reals” was when I looked over at Harold Payne at our farewell concert and flashed back at the many stages we shared together, the many causes and fricken’ awesome reasons we raised our voices together, why we wrote together and yes I “lost” it by the final song “Aloha Oe” feeling the bridge of where I’ve been and where I am going – just beautifully overwhelming in a love overload kinda way  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing send-off at our farewell concert!!!  See all the concert pics by clicking here 



Also to help our entire family be grounded through the process we created these poster boards which we wrote on often the last couple weeks – simply stating What We’re Thankful For and What We’re Excited For.   



And personally for me, this lil’ froggie (a gift from Rev. Kathy McCall) was my secret moving buddy that reminded me how awesome I was, how awesome my whole family is for taking that Leap!



And many more pics from our GoodBye by clicking here 


So for now mainland, mahalo nui loa for everything!!! Come visit us in Hawaii :)

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The Good-Bye/ LOVE is our Light Saber
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