Take a break...live from Maunalua Bay https://t.co/unS0BnvaAK
Enjoying family, exploring the north shore :-) Happy weekend y'all!!! https://t.co/ht6nESvkpP
Every diva needs these headphones ;-) #fitforaqueen #xmaswishlist https://t.co/mM1HI4qV3D
Love rules! Knowing our goodness carries us through these challenging times and like everyday superheroes, this... https://t.co/Ex4HBGUoZA
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ckhCuBSGTB Minecraft: CONTROL GRAVITY!!! (THE BEST ITEMS EVER!) Mod Showcase
We Can Do It recording - yes the new #ERAAnthem written by my powerful songwriting sistahs Ali Handall & Patricia... https://t.co/TIpUl8Z1TS
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/2g3hoedWF1 Minecraft: REVERSE DROPPER!?!? (THE NEW DROPPER?) Custom Map
A beautiful request from a goddess sister in Vegas - for us to use the power of positive thought, uplifting... https://t.co/TvJCRvf8uT
Nothing like feeling free, letting inspiration burst through in an impromptu, improvised dance! Go Sophie - she... https://t.co/tx0u99nWvR
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/4PlJXpC0NB Abraham Hicks - Letting Go IS Getting Into The Vortex (Clearest Explanation)
What a memorable playshop with folks being real about their challenges to creatively express and yet rising to... https://t.co/WgS60x78Lj
Live from Lake Mcneel https://t.co/f8epNgBykg
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/9Dk9EeVEkj Holy Now performed by Thomas Edwin Puckett Jr. and David Miller (Song by Peter Mayer)
Excited to be in Louisville & share my SingDanceShine Playshop this Saturday 1pm & then Sunday Concert at 1pm at... https://t.co/FQpzz1gmPr
Live at Lake James https://t.co/LuOfogwUk9
Power of Now: https://t.co/VkEmXepaVL via @YouTube
Have a #happyweek. #youareloved #izzyplays https://t.co/BhhGu7ded1
Let's come together through music, love & fun and share our abundance with those affected by hurricane harvey -... https://t.co/r1RwKUTsek
Big Announcement - Going Home, Farewell Concert
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May 2016 eNews

Musical Bling for Spring/Summer, 5/22 Seal Beach - Evening Musical Devotion, Help Wanted!, Hula Happens

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Feb 2015 eNews

Big Little Announcement, Happy Chinese New Year, Join my Sparkle Tribe

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Jan 2015 eNews
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Nov 2014 eNews Nothing Short of Epic

An epic October ~ ahas, oh wows,  videos, pics & more!

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