I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/eCwqgbwwsV Final 5 hands - Faith poker tournament at Ko'olina #Kaiplays
Happy Wednesday! Here's my latest enews :-) https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA
Bday Gift for You 😘, Do You Feel the Power?!💥 Neale Donald Walsh, NEW Video & FB Shop 🎶 - https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA
Summer's around the corner - let's go here dreamy, whimsical friends ;-) Looks like a vibrant playground for all a… https://t.co/DQnUtENcef
#happyearthday #latepost #afterfundayatzoo #weheartanimals #weheartplanetearth #oursweetneighborhood https://t.co/QD2A8YqsUN
Who's coming?!!! https://t.co/d7jQiJ6LKu
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/iPl0Z4bzpm Hawai'i Aloha
GONE BABY! Time to release any of that $#%! (aka shtuff) that's holding you & your brilliance back :)… https://t.co/RNYoIEX7gE
We're all like the baby turtles running, stumbling, moving towards our next sea of dreams...go turtles, go dreamers! https://t.co/rAxgXrZQSN
Working out my celebratin' & appreciatin' muscles this bday month :-) Join the fun & expand the good in your life -… https://t.co/1OW9gFXm2F
Happy bday my Kai! #mybeautifulbdayboy #happy7thbday #partytime #feelingblessed via @RiplApp https://t.co/Go2SyoIvcI
From this morning - doing my fav thing, praisin' & celeberatin' thru music! ps actually this is epic drum moment wa… https://t.co/fhld8cRcGy
#backstageselfie #revandsingersinthehouse #preppingforeasterservicefun #livestreamingnow #noroominthetomb… https://t.co/tNEMC4pv0t
Excited for Easter services at Unity of Hawaii tomorrow! I was going to enjoy from the congregation but now filling… https://t.co/Acg1XnwABB
Yay "As a Man Thinketh" team & buddy Jon Miller on this sweet review in the latest Science of Mind magazine :) It'… https://t.co/XdsLcdjX7T
Happy weekend!!!! https://t.co/wf13eKao67
It's about 3am - it's been over an hour-long party-of-one listening to unrecorded songs, demos that live in my lapt… https://t.co/B3L4BklPYw
My hubby's rubbing off on me - yup 1st poker tournament win! #yayme #1stwin #showmethemoney #fun&flow… https://t.co/lFyHoxjWYS
Perfect St Patty Saturday #familyfishing #qtcousintime👯💕 #catchandrelease #hoomaluhiabotanicalgarden... https://t.co/5vrCH4FbBZ
My Hawaii Missile Threat Experience / Jan. Southern Cali Dates / Power of Now Music Video
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Faith in Concert ~ Sharing the Heart of Hawaii
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The Power of Now (Music Video)

Enjoy my latest music video - beautiful landscapes, soothing music, inspiring lyrics to put you into the now.

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Dec 2017 eNews

Hawaii Update, I'm in another Movie, Custom Xmas Flashdrive Necklace, Pentatonix Connection & more!

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"Over & Over Again" is a 2017 Posi Award Finalist

So cool to find out my song about my hunky hubby, "Over & Over Again" is a 2017 Posi Award Finalist in the Relationships category.  It's about falling in love with my best friend and inspired by our 30yrs together (oh my!!!) and our experience of falling over & over & over again to keep things fresh :)  The winners will be awarded in Feb at the annual Positive Music Festival in Tampa. Maybe you can join us?!!!  In my eyes, all my fellow posi songwriters/artists are amazing & are winners thru & thru for beautifying the planet with their music!!! See the full list here: https://www.empowerma.com/congratulations-finalists