Thanks @Ana Neves Marshall for letting me know that my heart flashdrive necklaces can play even in the car! So... https://t.co/grmzMDxHo8
#SunnyTuesday 2 ya :) https://t.co/jyfIYDBFU1
Another gift from @SisterSpiritRetreat #myfav #beautifulbutterfly #hennatattoo Thanks Rev @AbigailSchairer https://t.co/07vIUMvipl
Kai called me worried about his lil buddy this morning.. #Dontworry son mini Winnie's getting #lotsoftlc from the... https://t.co/IFUqxUHkQM
Who needs coffee when you got drummin'?! #drummingdivas #morningwakeup #sisterspirit https://t.co/aBpljFb9CQ
Me and my travel buddy. Thanks Kai for lending me Mini Winnie :) #offtowork #sisterspirit #womensretreat... https://t.co/6CHCFRzsDz
Happily packing for SisterSpirit Women's Spiritual Retreat - Centers for Spiritual Living ;-) I know we'll be in... https://t.co/E3Fy5c5NEI
#springbreakbegins https://t.co/8jGfPTEr2A
#HappyEasterWeekend https://t.co/Z72WHwKYUp
How about a lil' uke, a lil' Sandy Patti, a flower ceremony, Spirits of Joy choir and the sweetest community ever... https://t.co/1oqKqdJC3U
Thank you / squirrel hunting :) https://t.co/3oEveFLEcK
Best bday gift ever - my family thinks mommy is a hottie ;-) They surprised me this morning with this original... https://t.co/BgbDaJWmnB
Happy 6th Bday Kai :-) You've filled our hearts & home with such joy, fun & sweetness! Wishing all your dreams... https://t.co/uPk4X1TetD
I love when special friends make friends with my lil' ones! #bondingtime #feelthecuteness #feelthelove #cooooookie https://t.co/0y8Pq6r57c
Excited for the expansion that continues in our mighty new thought movement & the global impact of our coming... https://t.co/6RbLa4AjER
Sending #sunshineandsmiles your way! #itsalwayssnacktime #itsalwaysplaytime https://t.co/hSEBp1szjr
Wow what a fun full magical time w/ rockin' San Jose CSL choir & band under the direction of Queen Michelle... https://t.co/8H4NsHfsq0
Heart Space Teachings What fun, love, music & inspiration we've had together over the years! So grateful for all... https://t.co/l6zbIWKY2x
About to rock it with my Kai! #kaisings #sealbeachcenterforspiritualliving https://t.co/bpEJWa0Yqw
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