Locals in Hawaii are such generous people and give gifts literally to everyone! That meant the kids & I were buying/making/packing goodies & gifts for 40 or so of their classmates, teachers & coaches (not including friends & family).  So yes holiday hustle was in full throttle!

I’m sure your plate is just as full & prolly more. I definitely needed to be conscious about being present, being in my yummy center, remembering what all this “doing” is for and doing it in the spirit of Christmas.  As I practiced for upcoming performances & sent songs for friends requesting them for their holiday talks & presentations, I realized the gift that songs have to shift our mood, bring us back to center and truly put us in the mood for a high-vibing holiday!

----> Hope this playlist can help do the same for you!

Feel free to forward this playlist and you can even gift these songs to friends to help set the mood for wonder! They'll get 5 beautiful songs (More Than a Season, Silent Night, Power of Now, Peace Today & I Will Surrender), 3 videos, lyrics and a special greeting via email.

Just go to www.paypal.me/faithrivera & send what feels good (maybe $5-$10 would be nice) and add your loved ones email + any special note to them for the holidays or new year. Then we'll cc you when we email them the download link. It's that easy, affordable & quick!