Aloha Cuties,

It's been too long since I last wrote...how are you?! Sending warm holiday greetings from Oahu and sending extra love to all our friends affected by fires in southern California!  Let us know how we can support you.

So it not like you've been waiting all this time to find out, but YES we're here!  Below's a pic from the night we landed on July 12th - sleepy & yet excited for the official start of our new adventure in the islands :) 

PO Box 25895, Honolulu, HI  96825

Since then it's been family, family, family 24/7! The food too is non-stop, football games and more "normal" ohana life experiences than we've ever had and somehow, we're all fitting in and finding our groove.  It's strangely not strange and actually quite beautiful to see the joy in our families eyes as they lovingly mess around with each other :-) 

I’ve wanted to write you sooner and somehow months have flown by!  In that time so much has happened as I'm sure with you too.  I’ll share about it all here - lots to click, watch, listen to & check out :)



Our Goodbye to the mainland and to all of you mainland friends & family was quite an experience – beautiful, heart-melting, expanding, and teary.  In fact, putting this email together has me feeling all of it again – oh the sweet faces, the love & friendships, the exciting places, the special memories.  Above is the final song "Aloha Oe" from our Farewell Concert in Long Beach with my longtime friend & co-writer, Daniel Ho and just like how I felt at the ending of the song, when I couldn't get the words out anymore, I continue to feel overwhelmingly blessed and my whole family too!  We can't thank YOU enough!!! Read about our Goodbye experience here, see our epic Farewell Concert (epic because of all of you that attended) and moregoodbye pics including pics of our beautiful condo.



Thanks to Nolan's sweet & generous Mom, we get to wake up to this everyday. On weekdays we commute in traffic (yes we have that here!) to take Kai to his Montessori school and Izzy gets to go to preschool 2 times a week.  Most days she goes willingly and on off days, a bit more clingy and teary but all in all she loves all the new experiences at school. 

Nolan is enjoying his new life after 17 years with NBCUniversal, literally taking the time to smell the roses, enjoy the view and take walks now & then with Izzy & I.  We're knowing something even better is on its way for Nolan and for now, he's agreed to take the lead on our next musical project & produce fun family-friendly dance tracks like he did on the super cool "My Mommy is a Hottie" track that he  & the kids surprised me with for my birthday this year.



It's certainly a time of re-invention for my family and definitely for me!  Who am I as an artist? What is my work in the world now that I'm based here in the middle of the Pacifc?  Can I expand into that next level of service & success in music as I keep my focus on family as well?!  My answer & mantra has been "Hell YES!" or "Heaven YES" as I find that balance between music & ohana.  So it's the coolest to start this new time w/ the most empowering photo shoot.  You can see some pics now on my website & social media.  Yay time to finally replace those old headshots!  And certainly it gives me a visual of all that I'm to grow into...can I look or more importantly feel as bold, beautiful & powerful as I do in these pics as I start anew?  Yuh-huh - I'm working on it daily.


What a time of change for everyone, for our planet - so it's really re-invention for all of us!  How interesting the stars have led us here to Hawaii!  I'm convinced I'm here, as you are wherever you are, to do my greatest work yet.  And what is that work? To be the best version of "me" - to live everything I sing and write about in everyday moments with those I say I love the most.  I've so appreciated the fun I've had traveling the world singing about peace & oneness and NOW it's tiime to live it at home

Whatever we say we're about collectively, it's time to live it in the everyday moments, in thought, word & action - I so know this is where the solution lies, where our greatest happiness, joy & peace will emerge from!  So I promise to do my part and I'm so thankful to know you, my powerful heart-centered tribe, you are so doing your part too!  Mahalo nui loa - thank you with love for being the solution now!

I can't wait to connect more virtually through Facebook & Instagram, hopefully livestreaming concerts coming soon once I find a way to do that here, and also at live events in southern California & Tampa early next year (check out save-the-dates in this email)

From our extended ohana (and there's lots of them and they're awesome), we're sending you the biggest hugs & warmest aloha,

Faith & ohana








NEW HAWAII LIKES/LOVES for da FAMILY [click to see videos]

KAI - new games (wall ball & four square), karate (he's a yellow belt w/ white stripe), eating spam musubi and shave ice, watching "pat & jen" (minecraft videos) with cousins, parkour classes & anything ninja warrior related, playing in rolling waves

IZZY - playing piano, singing & imporvising melodies/lyrics, any stuffed animal, any doll, dancing, bread and CANDY!!! especially dum dum lollipops, being silly, learning at school [pic - off to 1st day of school]

NOLAN - St. Louis highschool football (yes they're state champs again), any football game really, sleeping in on weekdays, quality time with the kids, war robots (game on ipad - yes he's like my 2nd son!), picturesque beauty of nature here in the islands, katsu curry, shimazu shave ice

ME - Doing Facebook Live w/ the kids, I'm actually ok w/ sandals & slippers now since it's all I wear,  zumba with gorgeous ocean view, exploring the island (like Koko Head climb w/ my sis below) having Nolan around so much more (watch our Waikiki livestream) & all my family, anything from Diamond Head Grill, Leahi's Kale & Avocado taco, No Tomorrow on Netflix and sleeping early w/ the kids





Here's to your unfolding dreams, to your VISION (from recent performance at Unity of Hawaii) 







New Music, New Movie, Pentatonix Connection, Amazon Prime, Save-the-Date (Tustin Ca & Tampa, FL), Stand Together Feature & More



Choral Arrangement
by Ben Bram (Grammy-winning arranger for Pentatonix) 

 I love Pentatonix! I love God Is...! I hope you love this new arrangement!

Acapella SATB with Soloist

Read all about it here





1/28/18 Tustin, CA


Sharing the Heart of Hawaii

@ 1:30pm Unity of Tustin 

following morning services


2/25/18 Tampa, FL

SingDanceShine Creativity Playshop

following morning service

@Unity of Tampa




emPower Posi Finalist 

 So cool to find out my song "Over & Over Again" about falling in love with my best friend/hubby is 1 of 3 finalists in the Relationship category for emPower Music & Arts 13th Annual Posi Music Awards.  Winners will be announced at the annual Posi Music Festival held Feb 22-26 in Tampa, FL.  Join us for an amazing weekend of uplifting, positive music day & night with all your fav posi/ new thought music artists!

 "Over & Over Again" on I-Tunes

Watch Video



NEW MOVIE "As a Man Thinketh"

"As a Man Thinketh" inspiring new movie by filmmaker Jon Miller who also created "What is New Thought?" &"New Thought, New You."  You'll see me alongside teachers like Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale & more.  They're booking screenings across the country for 2018. If you're interested in hosting a screening, send an email w/ subject "Screening"




My BYOB Bring Your Own Brilliance power talk & musical presentation closes out the 1st episode of Contagious Optimism Live now streaming on Amazon Prime



 Stand Together is a special song to me because it’s one of my 1st collaborations with my close friend, the awesome Harold Payne, and we wrote it for the Association for Global New Thought (a mighty organization close to my heart).  It’s been awesome to hear about the ways it has played a role at events and ministries like these below:

May Sands Montessori School graduationin Key West with their director/fab Posi Artist Rachel Grace  

TEDx Donovan Correctional 

Everyone stood in circle and sang Stand Together using lyric sheets to close out their inspiring day of speakers & more presenters created by the inmates with the awesome help of Mariette Fourmeaux du Sartel 

Stand Together on I-Tunes

Lyric Video  

Karaoke Video 



Keikis love my Heart Flashdrives :)

Happy Halloween!!! 

Shaka from GLURC 2017 w/ James Blake, coolest, visionary guy leading Unity World Headquarters as CEO

Playing & singing at Unity Windward! I love Rev. Geo & June giving a dual message!

Quality hang-time with hit-songwriter & leading songwriting teacher, James Blume (I sang on his demos years & years ago)

Rockin' band @ Unity of Hawaii

 I love how he loves so big, so beautifully!  Happy Anniversary Nolan - 30yrs together & 20yrs wedded bliss & adventure :) 




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