Aloha Cuties!

It’s been a while since I’ve connected with you this way.  Grateful that I’ve hugged many of you in person on tour and for others, happy I get to see you virtually daily/weekly on Facebook

Has it been a ride or what?!  And doesn’t it continue to be an interesting, life-altering kind of time with so many changes?  Out of all the activity, movement & sometimes chaos, it’s bringing into focus all that wants/needs to be steady, true in me, true in you, true for our country and for our world!

It's the biggest blessing to serve and share with a tribe that is all about staying the course, staying true to our vision of love, light & happiness for all - like the beautiful smiley faces above of the San Jose CSL Choir who learned & performed four of my songs under the direction of Queen Michelle Jordan.  What a dream!

If you’d like to read on, below’s a brief update on all I’ve been up to including my darling keikis and hunky hubby.

The most wonderful aha is that after all these years of living (yup 46 of them as of this past bday on April 11th), it does get “better”!  I wouldn’t have been able to imagine the feeling of this moreness, but just listen to this – the best bday gift ever from my family:  Happy Bday - My Mommy is a Hottie

I’m game to claim my hotness at 46 and know there are more Wows & Yays ahead for all of us!  I’d love to know what you’re game to claim at your forever young age…write me, tell me, share puh-leeze!!!

I hope to see many of you soon as we say our aloha goodbyes for now...and hope to connect in the sunny islands of Hawaii in the near future!


Join us June 3rd, Saturday in Long Beach

for a Private Farewell Concert Bash as we say goodbye for now and make our move to Hawaii!  Limited seating, invitation only

--->Email now to receive party info & to RSVP<---

please include your facebook url/info


Biggest hugs & aloha,











I’ve been enjoying this newer experience of being planted at one spiritual community instead of the usual touring I’ve done over the years.  Unity of South Bay has been a warm, welcoming, sweet, love-filled church that I’ve had the honor to serve as music director since January of 2016. 

What fun to share my music artist friends with this receptive community and take in the inspiring story-telling & teaching of Rev. Kathy!  Not to mention for a church of any size, I have never experienced such a talented, powerful crew of singers, musicians, teachers/leaders!  The choir may be small but everyone can sight-read music – that’s amazing!  This position has given me a reason to play piano and sing and be in the music that I love on a frequent basis.  For that I’m extremely appreciative!  I am at Unity of South Bay twice a month and the rest of the time I’m on the road (enjoying Posi tours & more), singing locally or on the rare occasion & to the delight of my hubby, I have a Sunday or weekend off :)

I’ve also had the fun of being in the studio with Daniel Nahmod, getting to know & laugh with this brilliant songwriter & artist plus the joy of watching our sons build a lasting friendship!  The possibilities of expanding my virtual music career are super exciting to me as well as I’ve been writing to more electronic dance tracks, slowly building my own home studio so I’m ready to record/work with folks from around the world, and a possible tv show is in the making! 

Rehearsing new song Rise with Kai

Facebook Live - Squirrel hunting with Izzy

Rehearsing Through Me 



My lil’ guy is 6 years old as of April 8th and thriving at a Montessori here in Long Beach.  He’s so curious about it all and asks me questions that hurt my brain like “Who made God?” “Who took care of the first baby?” “Why don’t the walls fall down?”  In kindergarten, he’s spelling words like pizzazz, answer, sleigh, neither, fruit and teaching me often about geometric shapes, California history, reptiles and more!  He enjoys karate, gymnastics, soccer, breakdancing, beat-boxing and now is on a swim team and started music lessons.  In recent weeks he’s been coming to church to help me lead congregational songs – he definitely likes his mic time ;)  His fav show is America Ninja Warrior and hopes to be on it someday!  Such a joy to see his love for learning and enthusiasm for life…oh and his current obsession for the movie Moana and Maui’s song “You’re Welcome” that we hear on repeat always!  

Kai singing Oyaheya

Kai Rehearsing Put a Little Love in Your Heart

and in case you missed it, Kai singing one of his fav mommy song I'm There for You

Crazy dancing



My 20 month old is spunky, sweet, chatty, and quite the daredevil!  She copies her brother and climbs/jumps off our ottoman & couches.  She loves music and is singing all the time. In fact I get cut off from time to time by this diva that insists she is the only one to sing!  Izzy LOVES food and spends a lot of her time flipping through books enjoying pictures and dreaming up stories in her lil’ mind.  She is in love with animals and tall, spiral slides but not so in love with sleeping and taking naps.  Izzy is quite huggable and opinionated though she doesn’t clearly say very many words yet. Like mommy she’s a rascal and a fun-maker aka trouble-maker.  Above all she is a joy-bringer with that cuteness of hers!

Swinging Dolly

Kissing the Animals

What's your name?

Cuteness attacks



Almost 30yrs together (oh my!) he continues to be my love, my steady one, and my funny goofy one!  He is thriving at NBCUniversal taking on project management in virtual systems and more cool techy stuff.  I love his love of learning new things and persistence in following through even with bumps along the way.  Nolan’s a fun, caring, present kinda daddy and he gets a king’s welcome every time he comes home from work!  If there was any area that needed improvement, it’s for both of us to create more space just for us, hugging, snuggling “adult-time”…hee hee J Oh & his ongoing obsession is reruns of Taxi and again Breaking Bad – he’s watching the series  for the 2nd or 3rd time.  

Nolan cheering Izzy on to walk







In ’89 Nolan & I left Oahu for college in northern Cali.  Long Beach became our homebase as we enjoyed fab adventures around the country, even internationally w/ my music through empowering spiritual / humanitarian / peace organizations.  

The best part of it all was meeting YOU – the memories, the music, fun & laughs, the impact we created together and the love we share!

Almost 30 years later, with a heart full of all this good juju & two cute keikis, we are moving home to Hawaii this July to raise our family with Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins

You are so our extended ohana, so we do not, I do not consider this is a permanent goodbye since I’m expecting we will be present in each other’s lives through facebook, emails, silent prayers and big dreams we co-create together!  One of my dreams is to create events, getaways, and more that will bring you to the islands…how sweet would that be?!



You are the sweetest most generous & kind tribe ever, so folks have already been asking how they can support us with an easy, fun, smooth & flowing move.  Here are some ideas:

*Attend our private FAREWELL CONCERT & PARTY on June 3rd2:30pm in Long Beach with sweet friends like Harold Payne, Siena & Toast, Daniel Nahmod, Ali Handal, Daniel Ho, Felice Hernandez & more with members of the Agape House band.  Please email me here to receive a link to the invitation.  If I haven’t seen you in a few years, please refresh my memory of where we connected.  We want to fill our party with those friends & fans that have most connected with my music and my family :)

*Whole Foods gift cards where we’ll be buying all the kids’ allergy-free foods (we’re gonna miss Trader Joe’s big time)

*Stock up on the music including my new blingy heart necklace flashdrives!  Yes less to pack home for Hawaii is a real gift!!!  And for every “World is Waiting for You” CD/Journal order, you’ll get two for one – just put a note “newsletter special” in your order.

*Consider having me come and share with your community/ conference or special event in the future!  I won’t be traveling as much, but I still plan on coming up for short tours. Check my calendar

*No physical gifts please – unless it’s a beachfront home on Oahu (yay!)

*Donate via paypal(aloha@faithrivera.com) or checks written to Faith Rivera

ADDRESS (good through month of June) 6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #336  Long Beach, CA  90803

HAWAII ADDRESS (from July on) P. O. Box 25895, Honolulu, HI  96825-0895














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