Magical May to YOU Beautiful One :)

Have you caught the hint, if not the heavy winds of change in the spring air?!  Since I last wrote you it's so been about witnessing change - from my growing kids including a nowcrawling, standing & kinda walking, solid-food-eating 9 month old Izzy & my energetic now 5 yr old Kai to big changes with two church communities and my own change & want for even more change as an artist.  Feels like more than ever the smart thing to do is to truly make friends, welcome in & celebrate ch-ch-change!  What kinda ch-ch-change have you been up to?!!!


I'm uber excited to share my blingy Heart Flashdrives filled with music & more just for you! Their inspiraition?!  Well honestly I'd been bummed that my last full CD was way back in 2012. With the kids and less touring, I just couldn't justify the cost to indulge my artist longings for yet another CD & another & another (which I love to do!!!).  

However, CHANGE came to the rescue...with ever-changing technology & these new cute big (8GB in memory) but physically tiny flahsdrives nothing was stopping me from sharing all the unreleased singles I've recorded recently & through the years.

Plus I've been amazed to see how folks are loving them as part of their fashion!  Aren't my models pretty?!!  I don't have a pic of him, but there is also the sweetest 7 year old boy Brandon who has the extra blingy one who loves wearing it & playing the music every night! 

CONTACT ME aloha@faithrivera.com (714) 900-356

for your very own limited stylish, music-filled

***8GB USB Crystal Heart Flashdrive***

$25 + $2 Shipping 

Styles to choose from:

  • Clear/Silver Crystal Heart

  • Pink/Silver Crystal Heart

  • Blingy Pink Heart 




What hasn't changed is my la-la-love of serving, sharing, shining, and most of all connecting through music!!!  Lotsa pics from recent awesome adventures & what remains constant is my love...I LOVE my fellow artists! I LOVE colored lights, spectacular sound, killer musicians!  I LOVE connecting with friends & fans like YOU including leaders, Revs, practitioners, healers, families who use my music in their lives!  I LOVE feeling that next highest high on stage and boy did that happen at theCenters for Spiritual Nat'l Convention!  Special love to Doug Lebow & the entire music team that gave me goosebumps the whole week thru!!!

More special shout-outs to:

*Unity of Sebring, Unity of Clearwater, Unity of Venice, 1st Unity of St. Pete and my Posi-pals Harold Payne, Sue Riley & Denise Rosier that made my first Posipalooza tour in a while such a sweet special one!!!

*Onederful Teens from Southwest YOU Rally ~ I'm amazed at your commitment in walking the talk, "waking up," loving each other through it all and having fun along the way!  Thank you for letting me play & share with you!

*AGAPE!!!! It's been too long...and yes, I'm always left with my spirit rising after celebrating with you all :)

*Unity of South Bay - you continue to show me the power of a small but mighty, loving, committed tribe and no matter if we move again & again, I can count on you to continue showing up with a smile, being flexible, flowing with your hula hips (hee hee) and not letting anything dampen your spirit!  In fact, we may be having more fun now with our current gypsy adventures!  So happy our permanent home is ready & waiting!

And last but not least, a shout out to my beloved ohana for loving Momma the best they can, for seeing my brilliance, for always supporting me and giving me lotsa reason to "practice" my spiritual muscles too ;-)

It's so easy when I'm going from one feeding to another & one domestic chore to another to sometimes lose the wow, wonder & magic but I know it's there - just about CHANGing that focus on my love goggles, actually switching out the comparing goggles for the love goggles!  


Just so much to la-la-love even through the ch-ch-changes!  Would love to hear what you're loving these days & what kinda change is happening through you!

I appreciate you more than you know!!!

Keep shining, smiling, sparkling like you do :)

Love & aloha,










5/22 Saturday 6pm
Evening Musical Devotion

 with Faith @ Seal Beach CSL 500 Marina Dr. 

Come to quiet your mind, open your heart, and connect with spirit thru song, chants & prayer.  It’s a time to breathe, to listen, to sing-along if you choose and just be present

Let the music melt away your worries and reveal a sweeter, more direct experience
of the divine within. 

God is the DJ and we are the music.  Together we join for an evening of inspired praise!





includes 12 unreleased songs with lyrics & videos

1. Best Day Yet

2. I Will Surrender

3. We Got Joy

4. Over & Over Again

5. Now I’m Free

6. In the Flow

7. Welcome Baby

8. Once Upon a Life

9. Better Day

10. Your Time is at Hand

11. Spirit Speak

12. Your Love (new version featuring Ernie Halter)

plus RAISE ME UP album(currently out of print) with 10 sunny songs featuring “Holy Now” & “This Little Light of Mine”+ original “Thing Called Life."

CONTACT ME to get your limited Crystal Heart Flashdrive ;-) 




 My beautiful spirit sistah & former choreographer, Karyne Daniels & sweet dancers fromSacred Dance Path performing to my version of "Where I Live There are Rainbows."





  We're looking for part-time help in the Long Beach area with my cute 9 month old Izzy and duties around the house.  We'd love an upbeat, sunny, caring, proactive nanny/housekeeper with lots of baby experience, CPR certified, and happy & able to help out with domestic duties, errands & all.  We're looking at 15-20hrs during the weekdays.  If that's you, contact me so we can chat :)  Thanks!



Association for Global New Thought

Oct 24-27

Engaged Spirituality Symposium


 Join a tribe of heart-based, forward-thinkers, the growing conscious majority!  Excited to be serving as music director, sharing music & more alongside incredible songwriter, artist, producer Daniel Nahmod!

It's our anniversary weekend, so the hubby I think will come with the kiddies for the weeklong fun!  Maybe you will too?!!




Now available online
Best Day Yet, Over & Over Again,
Silent Night - around the world (scroll to bottom for sheet music)

 Ensemble charts for Standing as One and Stand Together available at Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library




during Posi tour with Rev. Robin Reiter, Linda Ware, Haroldeeh, me & others who didn't want to be captured on film :)





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