Hi Gorgeous,

How are you feeling & being today?! Sorry it's been over a month since we've connected.  Wish we could share every aha, laugh & oh yeah moment the second it happens, but I guess that's what facebook is for :)

Sacred Hearts Academy Scholarship Gala Dinner

As last month came to a close & I dropped my parents off to the airport, I caught Carrie Underwood’s new song “Something in the Water.”  I’d been wondering how to write about October & how epic it's been. And it hit me, as I listened to the lyrics of the song.  With all the amazing outer experiences, celebrations & honors I’ve had this month, what has made it epic is that “I am changed" as she sings tenderly in this song.

I’ve been present for all of it.  I didn’t miss a second.  I was fully present and enjoyed every moment.  It feels soooo good to even say that!

Some are saved by the blood of Christ, others find their inner power & brilliance after moving through a big challenge.  All I know is, it is a time of change & the key is to be open to ride those waves of change even the ones that want to happen through you – the amazing, unfolding being that you are.

So much of my childhood & growing up, I had epic experiences then too, but because I was never present, always judging the moment, judging myself, I kept true joy, connection, & fun at bay.  But here, at 43 years old on Nov 14th, I can say I am fricken’ changed & life gets better & better every minute.

Who gets to celebrate 27yrs w/ the love of their life, special family bdays, my mom & dad’s 44th anniversary, be honored by your highschool in a gala AND really enjoy 20th yr reunion festivities, kick-butt at your 1st major speaking gig w/ other world-class speakers, fly back & forth from LA to Hawaii, be treated to Waikoloa beach resort vacation, meet new besties & play a small part in big breakthroughs for singers in Kona, spend personal quality time w/ fun leading edge friends like Rickie BB & Michael Beckwith while bringing music to the 1stever Awakened World Film Fest plus lotsa fine dining, family bbqs, make-up artists, sunny island beach time, compliments on my hotness (haha) and get paid and share music & snuggle w/ the cutest 3 yr old?!!!

OMG – it’s me!  And IT’S YOU!!!

EPIC is around the corner (if you’re not already swimming in it) & I used to think it was around a physical corner.  And now I get it, that “corner” is you, baby!

Be changed & feel the epic-ness of it all by simply being here, being present, not resisting your life.  So chillax into it.  Love the ride & get excited for what's ahead!!!  

I'm excited for YOU!

Aloha love & warm hugs,

Faith (& happy crew of SHA honored Alums)

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Contagious Optimism Live
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Awakened World Film Festival


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