Aloha Cutie! 

Happy Fall to you & yours!  I’ve been doing just that…falling into a life that I love even more.  Wanna fall too?!!!

You see this summer, I amp’d up my morning practice of setting the tone for the day before jumping out of bed.  It might mean basking in the comfort of my bed, thinking of people & things in my life that I love, using the ABC’s to list delicious words like Allowing & Abundance, Brilliance & Basking, etc.   Then I thought, why not use the power of music too – duh!

Thus my new song BEST DAY YET was born. I put my heart & soul into this affirmation song meant to set the day & welcome in the best yet!  So please use it daily, groove to it, share it!  Especially if you’re a fan of Abraham-Hicks teachings, this is soooo a vortex song!

Now I know some days, we just don’t feel like hearing an upbeat song like this.  So for those days, here is a gentler way to start your day & still welcome in the best:  I WILL SURRENDER  

After a few months of doing my morning practice, it feels as if I’ve fallen into a full-color version of my dream life – especially after a week of juicy creativity working on projects for emPower Music & Arts and Heart-Rated Music (a new positive music tv show coming soon!).  And what a blessing to stay at a beautiful desert oasis in Scottsdale (thanks Jodi!!!).

It wasn’t until I found myself surrounded by dancing butterflies (which is so my FAV!!!!) at Butterfly Wonderland with Nolan & Kai that I realized the entire week had been magical - writing songs every day, filming music videos, hanging with brilliant talent & sweet crew, saltwater pool ready for me to jump in anytime (even at midnight with a watery concert from friends in the jacuzzi), delicious healthy food served to us by a cute butler (ok – we didn’t have a butler, but David’s an absolute angel & cutie), time for my lil’ guy & my big guy, ooh my dream bathroom & spacious beautiful home (really ringing my bell since we’re currently looking for our new perfect home) & more!


All I can say is WOW & YES – this is the life I signed up for and I want to fall into more of that!

So this is not a stub-your-toe, trip-over-a-sleeping-dog kinda accidental fall.  It’s a graceful, intentional, inevitable fun free-fall into a life that delights you more & more.

And it starts by starting each morning right!  Our Mama had it right & I guess the cereal commercials too, but before you eat that scoop of lucky charms or oat bran, do your life a favor and take 10-15min to set the course for the best day yet!  And next thing you know…you’ll be falling into the life of your dreams :-)

Wishing you the BEST YET in every corner of your beautiful life!!!  It's time for your close-up...so step into the spotlight 

Hugs & love,


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Last year's world singing day with sweet friends




Enjoy, use & share my new song 

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