Aloha Beautiful One! 

How goes your summer?  Or maybe it’s more like, there summer goes :-) Yes it’s flying by for me & my family too.

I haven't written since June and honestly, it's a challenge to write you just one monthly enews because so much happens each precious day.  Sometimes I don't know where to start.  Can you relate?  

Especially with Robin William's death recently, I've found that people everywhere can't just do "small talk" any more.  Even before Robin Williams recent passing, conversations & connections with folks this summer seemed realer & deeper. 

So here are just a few sweet things that everyday people have said to me...golden nuggets for happy living: 

Tom (Muscley Manicurist) - "We have to be the change we want to see & love people where they are."  

Kai (my 3 yr old) - "Mommy...please don't get so angry."  Okay, I say, then I breathe, smile & see what the next moment has to offer.

Crystal (Verizon tech on the phone) - "I know God has got my back & I am happier than I've ever been."  Referring to her recent divorce, new start in Phoenix & joy in being a mom to 6 kids

 Luke (Our young plumber) - "I love my job...I just keep growing, getting better each day."

Rachel (Sassy lil' Zumba instructor - Vietnamese accent & all) - "Don't hold it all in.  Reach out for help, babies." on Robin William's recent death

Mailbox/Copy Machine Guy from Nepal - "Why worry or fret?  Just take it moment by moment & all will be fine" in regards to his 1st baby about to be born & the fact that they have no family here, they’re all in Nepal

Me to myself - "This is the BEST time ever!" as I looked around the park at the concert-goers, many who I met in person, before I got on the stage & performed w/ no sleep, no luggage, no shower - straight from my delayed flight.  And I meant it!  Somehow losing my luggage & all my travel misadventures to Michigan, freed me up to just be present with the moment & the precious people who came. 

Trader Joe's Clerk - "It's all about the fun!"

And so much more...all I can say is - enjoy the ride, enjoy the people on the ride (even the grumpy ones), and enjoy YOU along the way!  If not...I'm coming for ya...haha!

Here's to "big talk" & real connections!

Bliss-filled hugs,


p.s. Just for fun...take a spin on Dumbo with my family 

p.s.s. I have my new best song yet coming soon!!!! For now...check out my singles below


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 I'll Miss You, I Bless You (Sand Art)

I Will Surrender (Live)

Last Song (Daniel Nahmod cover)

Traffic Blues, Freeway Fun w/ Richard Mekdeci

Live Monthly Caregivers Concert


8/30 Sat 11am-8:30pm FREE for All

RAJ Festival (Woodland Hills, CA)
Valley Cultural Center at the beautiful Lou Bredlow Pavilion in Warner Park
5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Woodland Hills 

If you believe in the power of rhythm, joy, music & community, boogie on down & join our groove-filled day-long celebration with amazing artists, killer band, yoga, green vendors, & more!  I'll be on around noon with the beautiful Charles Holt :)  VIP tickets also available for shady seating, meet-the-artist reception, swag bag & more!


10/11 Sat 2pm CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM LIVE (Thousand Oaks, CA)

I'm excited to give a power talk & share music at this amazing event!  Think Tedx with lots more music & art woven in with inspiring talks.  Be a part of this contagious movement of positivity!


 10/27-10/30 AWAKENED WORLD FILM FESTIVAL (Santa Barbara, CA)

Four days of uplifting films, workshops, galas, stellar music & more all in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara!  Some of my fav artist friends are joining me: Harold PayneRickie Byars Beckwith,  Aidan & Finian of the Makepeace BrothersGina ReneBrenda Lee Yeager plus eclectic world music artists to be announced soon.


 *** CALENDAR***

Calendar for upcoming performances(Phoenix, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Kona)




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