3 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

Yes a SONG can heal a heart, be your morning cheerleader, welcome a newborn to this life or say goodbye.  It can remind you that you are amazing when you forget and help you to do the hardest thing - forgive.  The perfect lyrics & music can share your organization's message to the world and it can even bring a community together.

I LOVE to create music, videos & more that can support & inspire as we rise from a low or celebrate that next high! I'm about going for our grandest dreams yet, enjoying the ride, and expressing our naturally brilliant selves along the way.

There's alot of happy stuff here to Love You Up so  take a listentake a look & remember to keep shining bright like the Everyday SuperStar that you are :) 




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In Their Honor...
    posted 6/14/2016

Contagious Optimism Live (LA 2014)
    posted 11/11/2014
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Trailer ~ Faith @ Contagious Optimism Live
Best Day Yet
Gotto Dance - Lyrics & Dance-along (Faith Rivera)
Stand Together (Faith Rivera & Harold Payne)
About to rock it with my Kai! #kaisings #sealbeachcenterforspiritualliving https://t.co/bpEJWa0Yqw
With all that's going on, really feeling "Stand Together" as I prep for tomorrow's performance... https://t.co/vUDm9hXEB6
Kai's at his first music lesson. Takes me back to my Rock Works days :) #andsoitbegins #musicforlife #kaiplays... https://t.co/xDOyxre23f
#happyfriday #fabfunfreeflowing #izzyplays plays https://t.co/KUfMlEWUki
Hey My Spirit Sistahs! If you want, need some time for you to center, connect, expand, have the best fun ever, be... https://t.co/kA8kV8xet6